Wow! Can you believe it’s September already?! I swear the wintry months just flew by (not that Brisbane ever really has a super cold winter), which is a little upsetting because I’m a cold weather lover at heart. There’s something so cosy about being snuggled up with tea, scarves and super soft chunky knits. BUT, Spring is totally a close second for me, what with more sunshine, brighter lip colours and a great excuse to go shopping (like I need another one). Below are a few things I was loving throughout the end of the Winter season, most of which will also have your back when transitioning into Spring.

The Body Shop Coconut Milk Body Lotion

Two words: piña colada. This body lotion reminds me of sitting on a beach somewhere tropical sipping cocktails. The best way to describe it is (obviously) coconut-y, but it’s such a warm, comforting coconut scent. I actually brought the body butter version of this on holiday when I went to Samoa recently, and it was absolute magic for my sun-loved (burned) skin. I was browsing the Body Shop after I got back and decided to pick up its much lighter sister product, which is far less greasy in texture but just as hydrating. The only downside is the spray bottle – I thought it was genius at first, but if you use it with even slightly damp hands it gets quite hard to spritz the product out evenly. But as long as your hands are as dry as possible, you can spray the lotion all over your body and rub it in after. No mess, no fuss, no grease.

Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath

Clearly, I’ve been loving The Body Shop as of late. I bought a bottle of this delicious bubble bath last year and loved it, but got so caught up in Lush bath bombs that never returned to it. When I saw it in the shop, I decided I needed it back in my life and fell in love with it all over again. I’m pretty particular with my bath products. I need bubbles, but the formula also needs to be hydrating and the scent needs to be calming. Because this product has wild argan oil content, it imparts light hydration while also providing big ass bubbles. I also defy you to smell it and not love the scent. It comes in a huge bottle and a little goes a long way!

ColourPop Blending Brush

As soon as ColourPop came out with their new brush line, I knew I needed to get my paws on it. As a brand, ColourPop rarely disappoints me. So I placed an order along with this brush a few other items like lippie stix, shadows and blushes and voila! It turned up on my doorstep a mere week later (shoutout to ColourPop’s shipping team). This brush was a total standout in my order, along with one eyeshadow (more on that below). It’s fluffy and oh-so soft, but still sturdy enough to precisely apply product. It picks up shadow well and cleans easily (I know this because I paused to clean it mid blog post). Aaaand I think I paid roughly $7AUD for it – a complete steal for the quality!

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Sunset Blvd

The formula of these shadows are sooooo dreamy. ColourPop describes them as a creme to powder consistency, and they hit the nail. They apply like butter. Because they’re so soft, you really need to apply them with your finger because a brush just won’t pick up enough pigment. This warm bronzy shade would look good on anyway because… duh, everyone loves a bronze eye for a reason.

 Mecca Max Gloss Boss in It Girl

Okay, Mecca have been killing it lately with the launch of their new sub-line. Also, can I just say how happy I am that glossy lips are back?! They remind me of the days when I used to wear clear lip gloss to school. The packaging is amazing for the price, and attention to detail is evident. You get a lot of product, too. The doe-foot applicator is bomb, the colour is bomb, and the formula is bomb. I told the lovely lady at Mecca that I wanted wet-looking lips (verbatim) and Mecca delivered! This gloss makes you look like you just drank from an oil vat, in the best way possible.

Happy Spring! May the shopping commence. Caitlin xx



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