Brand Review: Essano

My love affair with this brand strangely started with my doctor, whom I was complaining to about my breakouts about a year ago. I was finding it increasingly difficult to get rid of my hormonal breakouts around my chin, and it was becoming frustrating. My doctor suggested I integrate a beauty oil into my skincare regimen. I was utterly confused – my skin was evidently the oily type, so having oil within a five-meter radius scared me enough, let alone having it sink into my skin. My doctor explained that my skin was so oily purely because it was dry and was therefore overcompensating by producing more oil, which in turn was causing the breakouts. Still skeptical, I figured I would try anything and picked up the Essano rosehip oil from my local Priceline. After using it for two weeks, I could already see a huge improvement in my breakouts and the oiliness on my skin subsided massively; it was like the rosehip oil regulated everything and made my skin totally normal. I was in love, and decided to try other products within the brand because they all contain rosehip oil, are cruelty-free and made in New Zealand (shoutout to the motherland).

I was instantly obsessed with every product I tried. Essano is easily accessible and affordable, and I would liken it to Kora Organics (Miranda Kerr’s skincare brand), in the sense that most of their products are certified organic and they are all super gentle. Within a few weeks my skin was glowing, my wallet was happy and I was totally addicted.

As I mentioned, Essano’s core ingredient is certified organic rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is so good for your skin – it’s hydrating, helps with scarring, and has anti-ageing properties (not something I need right now but prevention is key). Since I started buying their pure rosehip oil, the brand itself has taken off and they now have a huge range of skincare, body care and haircare.

The second product I tried from the brand was the gentle foaming facial cleanser. Although I typically steer away from anything that foams (it strips my skin too much), this was super gentle and nourishing. The third product I tried was the eye cream, which I’ve spoken about on the blog before. The eye cream soothes and hydrates without being greasy – a total winner in my books. The most recent product I’ve tried is their moisturising creme cleanser, which I do like a little more than the foaming one. It leaves my skin so soft and glowy, and keeps breakouts at bay.

If you wanted to sample the products for yourself, your best bet is to buy their gift set, which includes a trial size of their rosehip oil, cleanser, moisturiser, night cream and body lotion.

Caitlin xx



9 thoughts on “Brand Review: Essano

  1. I actually have the rosehip essential oil and I love it! Is this line available online? I’ll be sure to check out the rest! Great post! Looking forward to following more!🙌🏽🌸
Tonye 🌸


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