Surviving Finals

How did this semester fly so fast? It’s already week ten, and you know what that means – not only do you have a million papers to finish and assessments to do, but now you have to throw exam prep into the madness. I’ve been through a few finals seasons and I’d consider myself a seasoned expert. There are some definite items I need to help keep me organised, energised and (kinda) sane during exam time.

Eye cream

As a general rule, I don’t bother much with make up during exam season – who the heck has the energy/time for that? That means that my skin has to look its best (or as close to that as possible). Under eye circles from late-night studying are something I deal with particularly during exam season. I’m currently obsessed with this eye cream because it helps to counteract that purple undertone you get from too many consecutive late nights. Store it in the fridge so it’s extra de-puffy and refreshing when you slather it on before class.

Sticky notes

I’m one of those people who like to sticky note everything. I particularly like these ones because they’re designed for students, and make studying a breeze. I run them through my textbooks, notes, and any necessary legislation/material that I can bring into the exam. If my lecturer emphasises an important point, I make sure to sticky note that also, to ensure I go over it before the exam.


I get my coffee on my way to uni from a groovy little spot called Told You So – if you’re in the Brisbane area you should absolutely check them out. I try to limit myself to three cups of coffee per day during exam time, and I also like to have decaf options on hand at home. My current fave is the Governor’s Estate Calming Peach tea. Although I’m a total caffeine machine, decaf tea helps promote a sense of calm and I do my best studying when I’m relaxed.

Origins Peace of Mind On-the-Spot Relief

This fab mint-green gel is a total lifesaver before, during, and after a cramming session. It smells strongly of peppermint, and you’re supposed to dab it on the back of your neck, earlobes, and temples to ease tension. It also helps heaps with headaches, which I get when I’ve done too much reading. It comes in a small bottle so it’s easily transported to and from the library.

Encouraging notes from loved ones

I keep a pin board in my room that’s full of polaroids, inspirational images and notes from friends. I love having a visual of all the people who have supported me in achieving my goals – it puts it all in perspective! I also keep a little bag of items from my best friend in my desk – she dubbed it ‘the happiness kit’ and I open it every time uni gets me down. Little things like that make me feel beyond lucky to have genuine people backing my career every step of the way.

Caitlin xx

p.s. Good luck for exams!


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