Recipe: Chocolate Avocado Tart

I know, I know – it sounds weird. That’s what I thought when my boyfriend, James, approached me with the idea of making this raw, vegan treat on Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t read my post on our relationship, you wouldn’t know that James and I are a long-distance couple – this means that traditional date nights are virtually impossible for us. Usually we opt for some kind of baking/cooking + movie Skype date, and this year was no exception.

I decided to put my doubts aside and make this chocolate avocado tart (recipe courtesy of Peaceful Cuisine on YouTube), and I was so surprised with how delicious it turned out!

I won’t re-write the recipe for you, because you can just check it out via the Peaceful Cuisine video link above, but I thought I’d include some of the changes I made to make it work better for me.

  • I used desiccated coconut instead of coconut flakes
  • For my sweetner, I used golden syrup. Feel free to go a little healthier but I had golden syrup on hand and it worked really well because it’s super sticky and binds ingredients easily
  • 200g of avocado = two avocados
  • If you don’t have a tart tin like me, I used two smaller ramekins and they worked a treat
  • The video suggests using 2t of chia or flax seeds to help bind + thicken the tart base, so I used chia seeds and they worked perfectly

I can confirm that you absolutely cannot taste the avocado – it just gives the mixture the thickness and creaminess it needs as a replacement for dairy. I even managed to trick my brother into thinking it was just a traditional chocolate tart, and he totally believed me. Even if you’re not vegan, I urge you to give this a whirl and see for yourself.

Caitlin xx


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