For me, the prospect of a New Years resolution seems a little silly. Shouldn’t people be setting goals all throughout the year, instead of just once at the end of each year? I try to re-evaluate my goals at least once every three months to keep my eye on the prize and allow myself better visualisation of what I’m going after. In saying that, the New Year presents a great opportunity re-think the direction in which your life is heading and to make changes accordingly.

I like to always have five goals on the go at once. Three are your top priority, and the other two are bonus goals that are less important but are still of personal value. For example, your top three goals could be related to your GPA, your job, and how many days a week you’d like to be in the gym. Your other two more passive goals could be related to your interests and hobbies outside of these areas, such as learning to play the guitar or learning a new language. By setting your goals this way, I’ve found its much easier to isolate my main priorities, and limits the overwhelming feeling of setting too many goals in a short space of time. If you only achieve your top three, then that’s all that really matters. Of course it’s always important to reach as high and as far as you can with your goals, but if you have too many, you risk running out of time and not completing any of them particularly well. Have a few, and get them done.

Setting rewards for your goals is also another great way to make sure they actually get done. I like to have rewards related to the goal, so for instance, if my goal is to get my butt to the gym five times a week and I complete that goal, my reward is new gym gear. Or if my goal is to achieve a certain GPA, I’ll reward myself with cute stationery. Rewards don’t work for everyone, but having a little something extra pushing you towards your goal can’t be a bad thing.

Remember, goals are extremely personal. I rarely share my goals with anyone because if I fail, I know I’ll be reminded of it at some point when I get asked about it. If you don’t achieve your goal, remember that you can always re-set it to be more achievable and work on it that way. Having small goal check-ins every three months or so also really helps to keep things in perspective and to track your progress.

Have an amazing 2017, goal-getters!

Caitlin xx


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