Thursday Thoughts: The True Meaning of Christmas

Living in a consumer-heavy world, it’s often hard for those who celebrate Christmas to deeply engage with the true meaning of Christmas. Let’s be real here, receiving gifts is fun – it’s hard to deny it. But, what I think we should be focussing on is giving thoughtful gifts to the people we love, and also to those in need. To make time to spend with our nearest and dearest. To reflect on the past year and to be grateful for everything we have.

Thoughtful gifts are better than expensive ones. It’s an unfortunate fact that society’s general perception is that our love for someone is based on how much we spend, and how material the gift is. In actuality, it is far more rewarding to receive a gift that you know a lot of thought and effort has been put into. I think thoughtfulness is one of the best human qualities – it means that the person knows and listens to you well enough to know what you need before you even know it yourself. It’s that element of thoughtfulness that truly reflects the way someone feels about you, not about the amount of money they spent.

Making time to spend with your favourite people sounds easy enough, but proves to be difficult in practice during the holiday season. Everyone gets busy with shopping, planning, and festivities that we tend to forget just spending time with the people we love is one of the best parts of Christmas time. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work, school, and general life during the rest of the year, but Christmas is a time where we should really try to slow down and enjoy the moments with our loved ones.

Reflecting on the past year is one of my favourite things to do around the holiday season. For a person to truly grow, I think self-reflection is oh-so-important. Personally, I like to consider my top three best and worst moments of the year, and think about ways in which I can make the following year even more successful and even happier than the year before. Christmas time is a great time to do this, because it gives you a chance to reflect and grow before setting goals that inevitably happen early in the New Year.

Whichever way you choose to give meaning to the holiday season, make sure you do so with a grateful heart. Be thankful for health, your freedom, and above all, the ones that make you happy.

Caitlin xx


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