Cruelty-Free Skincare Heroes

If you read my previous post about cruelty-free beauty, you’ll know that I’ve been on a mission to find animal-friendly beauty alternatives to my tried-and-true faves. I was especially hesitant to find alternatives when it came to skincare because I felt like I had my skincare routine down to a fine art – and my skin hates change. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve found a couple of core products that have changed my skin game, and (BONUS!) are also cruelty-free.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser, $17.50 for 100g

I used to be an avid Cetaphil user. My skin tends to be quite sensitive, and I felt that Cetaphil was the only brand that didn’t completely freak my skin out. Add to the fact that Cetaphil cleansers gently remove makeup at the same time, and I thought I never wanted to stray from such a gentle, accessible, and affordable skincare option. After deciding that I wanted to go cruelty-free, I knew it was going to be a bit of a mission to find a cleanser that was just as great as Cetaphil (which, by the way, Cetaphil uses a pharmaceutical company that tests on animals and is definitely not ethical). If you’re looking to go cruelty-free, Lush is a great place to start. Not only do they not test their finished products on animals, they also source their ingredients from ethical suppliers, and they actively fight animal testing behind the scenes (gold star for you, Lush!). This cleanser is seriously amazing. Angels on Bare Skin comes in a clay formula, which you add a little bit of water to in order to activate the ingredients that turns it into a milky cleanser. It doesn’t foam (no sulfates), and gently exfoliates to reveal balanced, glowing skin. Highly recommend.

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser, $19.95 for 250ml

If you’re looking for a more economical option, the Aloe Calming Cleanser is a great one. If you’re a fan of Cetaphil, this cleanser is pretty much the more natural and ethical version. As the name suggests, this cleanser is really soothing and gentle, but cleanses really well. It even removes waterproof mascara! I was blown away. The scent is pretty neutral, so if you’re sensitive to scents you’ll love this. Much like the Lush cleanser, it doesn’t foam, it actually feels like you’re using a hydrating moisturiser. It rinses easily with warm water and doesn’t leave any kind of residue. I’m in love.

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water, $10.50 for 100g

I know what you’re thinking – toner water is totally gimmicky and unnecessary. I definitely used to think that too, until I tried this one. Especially living in a hot climate, it is so nice to have a small bottle of this toner water nearby to freshen up during the day. This particular toner has tea tree in it, a hero skincare ingredient that has antibacterial properties to help dissolve dirt and oil, subsequently combatting skin imperfections. All in all, I’ve found it to be a wonderful addition to my skincare that is an easy extra step to make my skin look just that little bit brighter and more refined.

Lush Don’t Look At Me Face Mask, $13.95 for 60g

I’m so addicted to face masks. There’s nothing as relaxing or pampering than coming home after a long day, removing your make up and slathering on a skin-nourishing face mask. This particular mask is bright blue, which I thought was kind of fun (though I’m not sure what ingredient makes it that colour…?), and aims to exfoliate and brighten all at the same time. The only annoying thing about Lush masks is that you have to keep them in the fridge, and they only have a short shelf life due to a lack of preservatives – which I guess is kind of a blessing in disguise. Obsessed.

Caitlin xx


One thought on “Cruelty-Free Skincare Heroes

  1. I’m a huge fan of Lush, not only for the cruelty-free products but also because the cater to such a wide range of skin types. Not to mention their products actually work for my skin. I haven’t used Angels on Bare Skin (yet!) but I tried Dark Angels, and though it is a little too harsh for me it is great for a weekly scrub. I’m a huge fan of their tea tree toner, Coalface and their Mask of Magnaminty. All have done wonders for my skin. Great article, I always love reading these kinds of review.

    Would you by any chance be interested in having some of your work shared/featured on I’d love to see more of this kind of content on the platform. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail (you can find my contact details on my blog) for more information. I’d love to expand on that. Hope to hear from you.


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