Are Coffee Scrubs Worth the Hype?

I’ve been making my own body scrubs for as long as I can remember. There’s something creative about finding ingredients in your pantry and mixing them into a product that softens and moisturises your skin all in one clean sweep. Coffee scrubs also usually claim to target skin imperfections like cellulite and stretch marks, but I can’t comment on that yet because I haven’t been using them long enough (I’ll keep you posted).

Coffee scrubs have been dominating the skincare world for a wee while now (hello, Frank!), and they intrigued me when they first hit the market. Not only can I slather myself in my favourite thing ever (coffee, I love you), coffee scrubs usually incorporate a mixture of oils and fruity concoctions to help nourish your skin. Who doesn’t want that?

But if you think about it, why would you pay for this product, when surely, you could get a similar product at home? I’m sure most households have some coffee grounds to spare and some kind of coconut or olive oil lying around. So this week I decided to put a store-bought coffee scrub to the test to see if they are worth the money, and worth the hype in general.

The contender: C-Lab and Co Coffee Scrub (original) – $12.95 for 100g

Coffee scrub.jpg

I’d firstly like to note that the packaging is not as functional as I would like. While it’s great that it’s waterproof and environmentally friendly, I found it difficult to scoop the product out without it going everywhere – I guess that’s why you do it in the shower! I also know the product is sold in a larger tub, but I think the ideal packaging would be a squeezy-type tube that allows you to extract the product and smear it straight onto your body.

However, the product itself was really great. Upon contact with the skin, the scrub smelt heavily of orange (it contains citrus oil), and I really enjoy citrus-y scents. I will also note that the scent doesn’t linger after you wash it off, which is also nice because I doubt many people like walking around all day smelling like a giant orange. After I rinsed, I noticed I didn’t need any body moisturiser because the product had left a teeny tiny amount of oil residue that acted as my moisturiser – but in a really nice, non-greasy way! The C-Lab and Co Coffee Scrub was pretty much awesome in every aspect, and left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

My concoction

My recipe was pretty basic, but I tried to dupe the C-Lab product as best as possible. I mixed the coffee grounds from my morning joe, a Tbsp of melted coconut oil, and the zest of one orange. I have to say, it would be really hard to tell the difference, both consistency and scent-wise. The only (slight) difference was that my grounds weren’t as fine as the ones in the C-Lab product, which meant that my hands were left feeling a bit raw after use. Nothing major, though.

The results

I can honestly say that I wasn’t surprised by the results – my skin felt the same after using my DIY scrub as when I used the C-Lab scrub. I definitely think coffee scrubs are worth the hype. As for the price, while coffee scrubs are generally inexpensive, just think: if you saved that $12.95 each week on a coffee scrub, you could spend that money on, say, more coffee 😉

Caitlin xx


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