Top Five Gold Coast Spots

Living in Brisbane means I can easily escape to the Gold Coast, and this week I was lucky enough to do just that. I was in Surfers Paradise for a short, mid-week getaway with my boyfriend, and I was excited to both explore new places and return to old favourites.

1. Elston – 4.5/5

My all-time fave Gold Coast spot for breakfast, dinner and drinks. Located along the main beach, Elston makes for a pretty view while you devour their pulled pork, Asian-style popcorn chicken and wash it down with a cocktail. They’ve always provided the goods, but they don’t do dessert anymore which let us down ever so slightly.

2. The 4217 Precinct – 5/5

This precinct was a new discovery that my boyfriend and I stumbled upon after we went to the Brooklyn Depot for lunch. As it turns out, the Brooklyn Depot is just one of the many niche little places within the 4217 precinct. Since it was so close to our hotel, we decided to try out as many of the places there as possible before we had to leave. Among our favourites were an Italian restaurant (Salt Meats Cheese), a tea house (Cha), and a specialty coffee roaster (Paradox).


3. Elk – 4/5

We found Elk nested down an unsuspecting street in Broadbeach, about a 40 minute walk from where we were staying. It’s got cafe vibes, but restaurant-quality food and coffee, and I was served the prettiest plate I’d ever seen. Even on a weekday Elk was ridiculously busy, but we were still served quickly which generally indicates that a restaurant has their shit together.


4. Espl – 5/5

Located right near Elston, Espl is a small specialty coffee shop that not only serves great coffee, but also awesome chocolate milk. I think we’ve been to Espl so many times that we have formed an emotional attachment. The staff were also super friendly and helpful, so if you’re just starting to dip your toes into the world of specialty coffee, the staff at Espl are more than happy to help.

5. House of Brews – 5/5

 The House of Brews is not actually a bar that I would have imagined us frequenting. The House of Brews from the front looks like your average, Gold Coast tourist-y bar – not usually our cup of tea. But the House of Brews is not to be taken at face value – I was served some of the coolest cocktails that I’ve ever seen in my life. One night I ordered the “Purple Haze”, and it was presented in a giant, smoking bong. Another thing I loved was that the cocktail names were super quirky, my fave being the “Watermeloooon” – and yes, pronouncing it was half the fun. We never actually tried any of their food, but the House of Brews was a great little spot for pre-dinner cocktails and craft beer.


Next time you’re in the Gold Coast I highly recommend swinging by at least a few of these places for awesome drinking and dining.

Caitlin xx


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